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J.F. Construction is a CertainTeed 5-Star Vinyl Siding and Trim Contractor. There are good common sense reasons why only a few are awarded this designation by CertainTeed and all of them are in your best interest.

To attain 5-Star status, contractors must have proof of insurance and complete and pass the CertainTeed siding education programs, consisting of the Restoration Millwork Master Craftsman program, the Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman program, as well as the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) Certified Installer Program.

5-Star Vinyl Siding and Trim Contractor since 7/2/2007 5-Star Vinyl Siding and Trim Contractor since 7/2/2007
CertainTeed and Wolverine Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman since 6/1/2007 CertainTeed and Wolverine Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman since 6/1/2007
Restoration Millwork™ Master Craftsman since 6/1/2007 Restoration Millwork™ Master Craftsman since 6/1/2007

Check the CertainTeed web site for more information.

Vinyl Siding North Quincy MA


REMODELING A HOUSE LIKE THIS ONE IN QUINCY, MASS., TAKES THREE THINGS: a skilled craftsman, a top quality product and a company to stand behind the work.

That’s the recipe for success for J.F. Construction, a siding and remodeling firm based in Weymouth, Mass., according to co-owner Joseph Fleming. “We used our crew of experienced installers and CertainTeed Monogram” vinyl siding-backed by our company’s reputation – to give our customer’s home a transformation you could describe as startling,” he said.

Built in the 1930s during the Depression, the home had a dilapidated exterior sorely in need of re-siding. Fleming met with the homeowners, determined their tastes and needs, and set about designing a home that brought it up to par with many of the neighboring houses valued in the $400,000 range in the ocean area community.

“It didn’t take any effort to convince the customers to go with Monogram,” Fleming explained, noting that the sales portion of the job is really the best time for prospective customers to look at siding panel up close. “Monogram has the same rough wood side look of real clapboard. It looks as good up close as it does far away

Quincy House Before Vinyl Siding

Quincy House before vinyl siding by J.F. Construction

The house was sided with Double 4″ Monogram in Granite Gray, with white trim. Fleming prided himself on the home’s fine trim work, which included corner posts and frieze boards, both of which were missing on the original home. “I look at the trim as I do the frame of a beautiful painting. It sets the painting off, making it more appealing to the eye.” From an installer’s point of view, he and his crew like working with the Monogram panel for a number of reasons. “I like its 3/4-inch clapboard base, which helps keep the application straight, hides the joints better, and creates more definition and a shadow line in the siding,” Fleming said. Monogram’s unique locking system keeps panels locked and level. “That helps them stay together and requires less labor on our part during installation,” he said.

Quincy House After Vinyl Siding

Quincy House after vinyl siding by J.F. Construction

And its .088″ double thick nail hem provides strength to the panels, virtually eliminating the chances of blow-off in high-wind areas. “Since we’re located near the ocean, high winds can be a problem. But I don’t worry about that when I use Monogram,” he added. J.F. Construction has been in business for 45 years, through the years when aluminum was king to today, when vinyl siding has ascended the throne. “A job like the one we did in Quincy is typical of CertainTeed siding collectionwhat a skilled craftsman can do. Each one of our re-siding truly custom work and we’re proud of that,” Fleming said.

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